Nikola Tesla and The Free Energy Generator

Nikolas Tesla and Free Energy Generation Invention and Discovery Electricity was discovered in 1660. The first effective battery was available 120 years later. Sixteen years later the first electric utility was formed selling power on limited basis. In 1820, the fact that magnetism and electr

Ideas for Free Energy Devices

Free energy has been a subject sought after for quite some time. Many discoveries and developments have been made over the years, but mysterious shrouds keep them down. Inventions and working prototypes disappear without a trace. Even media coverage, while strong sometimes, essentially "forgets" a

The Permanent Magnet Generator

A permanent magnet motor works in a very simple way. Instructions and operation of a permanent magnet motors To refresh the memory of some: A permanent magnet (or even a simple magnet) has a north and a south pole. North and south poles attract During the encounter, from the north and north-

Magnet Energy Secrets

It is time for the world to unleash the power of an hidden secret. Magnet Energy is theanswer to a lot of problems the earth is facing. As needs of occasions are changing , it grew to become very vital that you locate new ways and sources for creating energy. To have the ability to have a very

Magnet Energy For Your Home

Why it is absolutely beneficial to learn about Magnet Energy and apply this knowledge to your life. Today the electric power price is pressing heaven limits.  With each day, we're sensation a lot more not comfortable since these increasing vitality prices have got unfavorable impact on our own m