Nikola Tesla and The Free Energy Generator

Nikolas Tesla and Free Energy Generation Invention and Discovery Electricity was discovered in 1660. The first effective battery was available 120 years later. Sixteen years later the first electric utility was formed selling power on limited basis. In 1820, the fact that magnetism and electr

Ideas for Free Energy Devices

Free energy has been a subject sought after for quite some time. Many discoveries and developments have been made over the years, but mysterious shrouds keep them down. Inventions and working prototypes disappear without a trace. Even media coverage, while strong sometimes, essentially "forgets" a

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, cosmic visionary-one that has Inner Belief or perhaps Cosmic Consciousness-was one of the most productive medical creators of our time. Just like Leonardo Nrrr Vinci, Tesla, with his highly developed interior and feelings, was truly before his period. His / her mission in your li

Magnet Energy For Producing Electricity

There are not many people who will not sit up and take notice of the word free. Free attracts people like a magnetic pull. The cost of everything is rising these days and people are doing what they can to keep costs down. From retail sales to all kinds of services, costs are escalating at unbeli

Make Free Electricity With Magnets.

You may not realize this but obtaining free energy isn't impossible. That's right, I said free. So how can such a feat be accomplished you ask? Well it's easy, say hello to - magnet energy power! Perhaps one of the easiest ways to obtain free electricity through the use of magnets is by

Free Energy Through Magnet Power

Throughout the ages mankind has sought ways to power its imagination. The source of this power has varied through time, but it hare an essential trait among them all. All sources of power that mankind has used up until this point is in some sense limited and restricted to particular areas and or